Multiple languages now available on! 🎉
สวัสดี, 你好, bonjour, привет, and more! 👋
We’re excited to announce that the platform is now available in these new languages:
  • Burmese (မြန်မာဘာသာ) 🇲🇲
  • Thai (ภาษาไทย) 🇹🇭
  • Simplified Chinese (简体中文) 🇨🇳
  • Traditional Chinese (繁體中文) 🇹🇼
  • Italian (Italiano) 🇮🇹
  • German (Deutsch) 🇩🇪
  • Russian (Русский) 🇷🇺
  • French (Français) 🇫🇷
  • Japanese (日本語) 🇯🇵
  • Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) 🇮🇩
  • Turkish (Türkçe) 🇹🇷
  • Korean (한국어) 🇰🇷
  • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) 🇻🇳
  • Hebrew (עברית) 🇮🇱
You can easily switch your platform language to any of these languages by going to
Settings > Personal Settings > Profile > Language.
New users can select their preferred language on the sign-up page before creating a account.
Multi-language profile change
Similar to our Arabic language release earlier this year, choosing Hebrew as your platform language will switch all platform interfaces to a Right-to-Left (RTL) view. This provides a more personalized and familiar view for Hebrew-speaking users.
Hebrew screenshot
For this release, the language change is limited to platform use and won’t apply to emails and video subtitles yet. If you want to see these added soon, post a feature request here.
New Features in the Redesigned Contact Drawer
We’ve redesigned the Contact Drawer to optimize your view and increase efficiency in accessing a Contact’s information. Here’s a rundown of the changes. 🎉
New Vertical Sidebar for Contact Drawer
Originally, Contact Details, Activity and Channels were displayed as tabs within a permanent panel. The tabs are now repositioned in a persistent vertical sidebar to the right of the Messages Module for easier navigation. Clicking on any of the tabs will open the Contact Drawer for a wider display of the relevant contact information.
New Tab: Merge Suggestions
Merge Suggestion tab
Merge Suggestions was previously positioned at the bottom of the Channels section. There were no details provided about the Contact(s) with overlapping identifiers that prompted the merge suggestion.
For improved Contact management, Merge Suggestions now has its own tab in the Vertical Sidebar. When clicked on, it provides key information like overlapping identifiers about potential duplicate Contacts. This allows you to compare the details at a glance and decide if the merge suggestion is valid.
Repositioned Tags Field
Previously, if you have numerous Contact Fields, you would have had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Contact Details panel to view the Tags. This has been updated as a persistent section in the Contact Drawer so it will be pinned in position and is therefore always visible for easy reference.
Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 8
Collapse the Contact Drawer
The new Contact Drawer is collapsible! Hover over the drawer and click on the arrow button to collapse it. This will expand the Messaging Console and allow you to focus on conversations.
Collapse drawer
To reopen the Contact Drawer, simply click on any of the tabs in the Vertical Sidebar.
Customize Your Contact Details View
You can now customize your Contact Details view by reconfiguring the order and adjusting the visibility of the Contact Fields. This tailors the Contact Details to your specific use so the most relevant information is easily accessible and all secondary information or noise is concealed.
In Settings > Workspace Settings > Contact Fields, click the Customize View button. Now you can reorder the fields or edit their visibility.
Customize View Button
To reorder the fields in the Contact Details Drawer, drag and move them in the dialog to your desired order. Click the Save button when you’re done. The new arrangement will be reflected in the Contact Details Drawer for all Workspace Users immediately.
Reorder Field
To display only relevant Contact Fields, you can manage the visibility of individual fields.
There are 3 options for Contact Fields visibility:
  1. Always show
    : When this option is selected, the Contact Field will be displayed in the Contact Details Drawer.
  2. Always hide
    : When this option is selected, the Contact Field will be hidden in the Contact Details Drawer.
  3. Hide when empty
    : When this option is selected, the Contact Field will be hidden if its value is empty.
Once the changes are saved, the new visibility configuration will be reflected in the Contact Details Drawer for all Workspace users.
Show all field toggle
To view all hidden Contact Fields, click on the Show all fields toggle in the drawer. You can hide them again by clicking on the Hide fields toggle.
Description Tooltip for Your Contact Fields
You can show a Contact Field’s description in a tooltip in the Contact Details Drawer. This will provide users such as new agents information on the use and intended value types for this field.
Description Tooltip
To create a description tooltip, go to Settings > Workspace Settings > Contact Fields and add a description to the relevant field. Click Update when done. The description tooltip will be shown in the Contact Details Drawer for all Workspace Users immediately.
Arabic language is now available in 😎
انا اتحدث العربية
We're excited to announce that the platform is now available in Arabic! You can switch your platform language to Arabic by going to
Settings > Personal Settings > Profile > Language
. 🇸🇦
This will also switch all the interfaces on the platform to a Right-to-Left (RTL) view, ensuring a more personalized view for our Arabic-speaking users. 😉
Similar to all other languages we have released this year, switching to Arabic will ensure all platform-related emails such as Monthly Active Contact (MAC) limit alerts and email invitations to new Workspace users will be in Arabic.
New Users can select their preferred language on the sign-up page before creating an account.
Portuguese Language Available on🇵🇹🇧🇷 and Other Security, Message & Channel Improvements
Falamos Português! 🎉
Portuguese is now available on You can switch your platform language to Portuguese by going to
Settings > Personal Settings > Profile > Language
. 🇵🇹
We’ll be launching more new languages in the coming months, so look out for our updates. Have a preferred language you’d like to see on the platform? Vote for it here and we just might add it. 😉
Better Security 🔐: You Are in Good Hands
We have made significant upgrades to our security infrastructure, including improving password requirements. Existing users will need to follow these new requirements when they request a password change.
pssword security-new (1)
Fallback Display for Unsupported Message Types
We now have a fallback display for unsupported message types on the platform. Previously, certain message types such as Contact Cards and Stickers would not be displayed at all so you wouldn’t know if a Contact had messaged you.
Now, these messages will be shown as a fallback display with access to the JSON payload. This will let you see the message type and, if you can understand JSON, interpret the message.
unsupported message (1)
Improvements Across Popular Channels
  • Facebook Messenger: Thread control on the platform has been improved to ensure that outgoing messages can always be sent from
  • Instagram: Story Mentions will no longer be shown as messages to prevent them from opening a conversation each time. Instead, they will be shown as Contact Events.
  • WhatsApp Cloud API & 360 Dialog: 360dialog’s broadcast rate limit has been doubled from 10 messages per second to 20 while Cloud API’s has been raised from 10 to 80.
Data Export Now Provides Option for Failed Messages
Committed to providing bite-size progress every week 🍪, this week we have released another valuable improvement!
New Data Export Option - Failed Messages
Navigate to Workspace Settings > Data Export and start trying out the new Data Export Option: Failed Messages! You can now export data filtered to only messages that have failed to be sent to Contacts with their respective error messages in CSV.
This includes Contacts that failed to receive your Broadcast messages. Start analyzing those failed Broadcasts and take action, pronto. 🧐
PS: Data Export is an exclusive feature for the Enterprise plan. Contact us now to gain access to this feature!
data export gif
New Workflow Variables, Branch Conditions and more
A new branch condition and several Workflows variables have been added to enable more sophisticated automation and cater to a broader range of business use cases.
New Branch Condition: Last Incoming Message
Branch Condition WF (1)
The new
Last Incoming Message
branch condition scans for keywords in your most recent inbound message. Contacts who use these keywords can then be entered into specific Workflow journeys. In short, you can design Workflows that pick up on predefined intent and automate an appropriate journey for these customers.
New Workflow Variables: Incoming Message
Two new Workflow variables related to Incoming Messages are now available:
The former captures the opening message of an inbound conversation for use as a variable. Meanwhile, the latter takes the last incoming message from a Contact as a variable. You can use these variables within the Workflow or send the content of these messages to your CRM via HTTP Request.
New Workflow Variables: Incoming Message Channel ID
We also added two Workflow variables based on the Channel ID of incoming messages. The
variable saves the Channel ID of the channel that opened a conversation. The
variable notes a Contact’s last interacted channel. This is useful for updating a Contact’s preferred or most recent Channel in your CRM via HTTP Request.
New Close Conversation Trigger Variable: Conversation Last Assignment Time
variable within the Close Conversation Trigger notes the timestamp of the last conversation assignment. A possible use case is to isolate the amount of time an agent took to resolve a conversation that had been escalated to them without adding the attempted resolution time by the original assignee.
While the metrics in the Reports Module give you overall resolution time, this offers more granular detail on agent performance. Send this data to Google Sheets for tracking or reporting.
Add More Branches to a Branch Step
Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 5
Some use cases may require complex Workflows with multiple branches to validate a range of conditions. To cater to these circumstances, we’ve increased the number of Branches you can add in a Branch Step from 4 to 9.
Use Variables as Response Options in Multiple Choice Questions
You can now use Workflow variables in addition to dynamic variables like Contact ID and name as response options for Multiple Choice Questions in the Ask a Question Step. Just type the $ sign to open a list of variables you can select from.
Do note that the Multiple Choice response field has a character limit of 20 characters. If the variable contains more than 20 characters, it will be truncated on the contact’s side.
Mention the Assignee in the Add Comment Step
Tag Assignee (1)
Now, you can mention or tag the current Assignee of the conversation in the Add Comment Step by typing @assignee. The assignee will be notified when the comment is sent.
API 2.0 is now here! 💫
Our new API is finally in public beta! 🎉 You wanted a more comprehensive API to build robust integrations, so we are pleased to announce the next generation of’s API.
To use the new version of API, go to
Settings > Integration > Developer API
to generate a new access token and authenticate your API request.
api 2
The new API is built using REST conventions and designed to have a predictable URL structure that complies with the latest OpenAPI specification. It uses many standard HTTP features, including methods (
) and error response codes. All the API calls are made under and all responses return standard JSON.
With the previous API iteration, you needed a specific access token for each Channel and the Contact IDs of contacts on that channel.
The new API works on a Workspace level, rather than on a Channel level. This means you only need a single access token for all actions within the same Workspace, such as messaging Contacts on different Channels. You can also use any of the identifiers — Contact ID, phone number and email address — to update a Contact’s details or send them a message.
We now cover all use cases! With the new API, you can:
  • Create new Contacts
  • Update existing Contacts
  • Send a message to Contacts (🤩 you will be surprised by the message types we support now)
  • Assign or unassign conversations
  • Open or close conversations
  • Add comments to a conversation
You may refer to our API documentation here to explore all the available endpoints with the respective API responses.
Legacy API users fret not, you can still use our legacy endpoints as they are still stable and supported until further notice.
The new API version is only available for
Business Plan
users and above.
And many more:
  • Desktop and Mobile App alike features (Add to home screen and Get push notifications even when browser is closed)
  • Notification to refresh when a new version is available
That’s all folks!
Build Automation More Intuitively with These Workflow Improvements
We’ve enhanced the way you build automation with improvements to the Workflows Module. 🥳 Creating the automation you need is now faster and easier than ever. Let’s go through the new features and changes.
Workflow Templates
No more staring at a blank canvas trying to build a Workflow from scratch. In the Workflows Module, open the dropdown next to the
Add Workflow
button and select
Browse Templates
Workflow Template WF
Pick a template that best matches your business use case. Some templates comprise ready-made Workflows that can be used instantly while others might require minor configurations.
New templates will be added over time to address more use cases.
Workflow Export and Import
We know how tedious it can be to recreate the same Workflow in another Workspace or even in different Organizations you have on
Export and Import W
This will no longer be the case.🎉 Now, you can export and import Workflows for use in any of your Workspaces with ease.
Duplicate Workflow Steps
On a similar note as above, Step duplication is now possible.💪 Hover over a Step you’d like to duplicate and click on the Copy icon. Then click on the node you’d like to paste the Step in and select Paste.
Duplicate WF
Do note that duplicating a Branch Step will duplicate the Branch conditions, but not the Steps beneath it.
Undo and Redo
Tired of reconfiguring a complex Step from scratch if you’ve accidentally deleted it? We hear you.
Undo and Redo W
Look out for the new Undo and Redo functions on the left of the Workflow builder canvas. The Undo function will undo the last Branch condition you configured, Step you added or an accidental deletion. To reverse an undone action, simply click Redo.
Move Step with Branches
Previously, a Branch with Steps beneath it could not be moved. We’ve improved this so you can now move a Branch Step, as well as all its attached Steps.
Move branch W
Reorder Branches
Our original Branch Step did not allow Branch sequences to be adjusted after configuration. If the branches had been arranged in the wrong priority, you would have to delete all the Branches within the Step and start again to configure the sequence correctly.
Reorder branch W
Now, you can simply drag the Branch up or down in the configuration drawer to reorder the sequence.
Edit branch name W
To make Branch management even easier, you can also rename Branches for the first time.
Reorder Shortcut Form Fields
Similar to the original limitations in the Branch Step, creating a Shortcut Form used to be a chore as the Form’s Fields could not be rearranged in sequence.
Reorder Shortcut W
This is no longer the case. Just drag the Fields up and down in the configuration drawer to arrange them in your desired sequence.
WhatsApp Cloud API Now Available on
WhatsApp Cloud API is now available as a channel on 🙌🏻 
cloud api
Instead of going through a Business Service Provider (BSP), Cloud API lets you create a WhatsApp API account directly with Meta. It is hosted by Meta’s servers in the cloud and allows you to scale your business messaging without the costs associated with BSPs or hosting your own servers.
clpoud api
The functionalities supported for this channel include:
  • Dialogflow
  • Broadcast
  • Workflows
  • Sync and update WhatsApp Business Profile
  • Sync and submit WhatsApp template message
  • Get the quality rating and verified status for your business number
Learn more about WhatsApp Cloud API and how to sign up for an account here.
Hablamos Español 🎉
Hola a todos! Backed by popular demand, the platform is now available in Spanish. Users can switch to Spanish now by going to Settings > Personal Settings > Profile > Language. 🇪🇸
Language localization extends to platform-related emails, such as Contact or MAC limit alerts and payment pending notifications.
Newly invited Users will receive their invitation email based on the preferred language of the inviter. New Users can select their preferred language before creating an account by clicking on the top-right dropdown at the sign-up page.
Localizing the platform in Spanish means we can now work on doing the same for other languages! So start 🏁 upvoting or add your preferred language here as we will prioritize this according to demand in upcoming releases.
Gracias por todo!
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