Stage: Automation
Objective: Ability to create workflows that can route customer conversations according to language preferences: Route to Human > Language Based Routing.
Business Problem: Customers should be routed based on their language preferences using workflows.
Pain Points: Businesses with international customers find it difficult to create workflows that route the conversation according to the customer's desired language.
To create a workflow that triggers when a conversation is initiated:
  1. Create a new workflow;
  2. Add a trigger step to initiate the workflow when a conversation is opened;
  3. Add a branch step to branch the workflow based on the languages provided;
  4. For each branch, configure the branch for the language that you want to support;
  5. Contact Field > Language > is equal to > Language
  6. Add a send a message step, to send a welcome message in the corresponding language
  7. Later add an ask a question step to collect the contact information that you need based on your business.