The new and improved Zapier integration is now available! 🥳 Here’s your ticket to building more comprehensive automation with over 5,000 applications. Updates include more triggers and a host of actions on the application or for more intuitive use.
To get the new version of the Zapier integration, go to
Settings > Integration > Zapier.
Generate an API key that will authenticate your Zapier account with
Previously, the Zapier integration only supported two triggers: New contact created and New or Updated Custom Field. The range of new triggers makes a variety of use cases possible:
  • New incoming or outgoing message
  • Conversation opened or closed
  • New contact is added
  • Existing contact is updated
  • Contact tag is updated
  • Contact assignee is updated
  • New comment is added for a Contact
New actions
In a similar fashion, the legacy Zapier integration did not allow for any actions to be performed. The new integration supports a host of actions to choose from, including:
  • Create or update a contact
  • Find a contact
  • Delete a contact
  • Send a message
  • Add a comment
  • Add or remove a tag
  • Update assignee
  • Update conversation status
And many more!
Check out the Zapier application page here to explore all the available triggers and actions. Keep an eye out for the Zapier templates coming soon to help you get started with popular applications such as Hubspot, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce and Pipedrive among others.’s legacy Zapier integration will be deprecated on 22nd of March.
Fret not, existing users — Zaps that currently use the legacy Zapier integration will continue to run until the deprecation date. To ensure no disruption to your workflows, we encourage you to update all existing Zaps to access the new triggers and actions.