New Workflow Templates, WhatsApp Message Template Improvements and more
We are excited to announce the latest updates to our platform! Check out what's new below:
Streamline Your Workflows with New Templates 🤖
We had expanded our Workflow Templates library. The new Workflow Templates are designed to help you streamline your customer service process and get more insights into your customers' needs. Here are some of the new templates and their use cases:
  • Create Chat Menus:
    Use this template to create a menu that customers can use to quickly navigate to the right support resource.
  • Get Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Store Results:
    Use this template to automate customer satisfaction surveys and store the results in Google Sheets or your data warehouse for easy analysis.
  • Escalate Issues:
    Use this template to automatically escalate issues to the right team or agent when they can't be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Transfer Shifts Automatically:
    Use this template to automate the transfer of conversations from one agent to another when a shift change occurs.
New workflow templates
Check out all the new templates now to see how they can improve your customer service process.
Improved WhatsApp Template Manager
Finding the right WhatsApp template just got easier! We have added filters for languages and categories to the WhatsApp Template Manager, and you can now preview templates including headers and footers, not just their content.
WA template management
Sending WhatsApp Template Messages, Improved
Say goodbye to endless scrolling! You can now quickly find the right WhatsApp template with our new search bar and filters. Plus, you can preview the content of each template before selecting it.
Send WA template
Trigger Shortcuts for Closed Conversations ⚡️
The Shortcut button has been moved to the top of the screen, making it easier to trigger shortcuts even when the message composer is blocked.
Shortcut trigger to the top
Retain your Last Used Filters in Reports
No more starting from scratch! Filters applied in reports will now be retained, so you can continue with your preferred filter configuration.
Feb-02-2023 14-43-04