We're excited to announce the release of our new webhooks events 🎉. Want to stay updated on critical events happening in respond.io? You can now receive notifications about these events or automatically provide information to other platforms when events occur in respond.io.
The list of supported events includes:
  • New incoming or outgoing message
  • Conversation opened or closed
  • New Contact is added
  • Existing Contact is updated
  • Contact tag is updated
  • Contact assignee is updated
  • New comment is added for a Contact
To get started, go to
Settings > Integration > Webhooks
and configure your webhooks. You'll be able to specify which events you'd like to receive notifications for and provide the URL (endpoint) where you'd like to receive these notifications.
For instance, you can sync all messages on respond.io with an internal database by setting up webhooks to send all incoming and outgoing messages on respond.io to the desired endpoint.
To learn more about webhooks and how to use them, check out our documentation here.
The new Webhook feature is only available for
Business Plan
users and above.
We hope you enjoy this new feature! If you have any questions, please contact our support team.