[v7.9] Enterprise Plan, WhatsApp Message Template Improvements, Data Export and more!

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A fast release this time but packed with lots of improvements. The highlight of this release is the brand new Enterprise Plan 🎉. We are introducing a new plan to cater to businesses of different sizes. To know more about our Enterprise Plan and the changes to the existing Pro and Business plans, read our blog post here.
Now, back to business, a lot of quality improvements were added within this short release. Let's start!
[NEW] Data Export for Messages
Yes, finally you can export messages from the platform. This took a while to plan because we are dealing with a large volume of data so we got to make sure it's reliable to use.
This feature is available to Enterprise plans only.
[NEW] Reply-To Context
The "reply to" in messaging apps is commonly used to follow up or referred to a previous message. Previously our channel partners didn't provide support for this feature (and some still don't), but we decided not to wait any longer and included the support of Reply-To context in for the outstanding channels that added this functionality to their APIs: Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp: 360dialog & ChatAPI.
WhatsApp Message Template Improvements
[NEW] Sending WhatsApp Interactive Message Templates to Vonage Contacts
Last release, we implemented WhatsApp Interactive/Media Message Templates for 360dialog. Now here is some good news for Vonage users! You can now sync and submit WhatsApp Message Templates from your Vonage account. On top of that, you can ditch the boring text message templates and send Interactive/Media Message Templates to your Vonage contacts.
[NEW] New Headers: Image, Video and Documents
Previously, we only support text headers for WhatsApp Media Message Templates but now the platform support headers of different types such as image, video and document. You can use this template to send messages to your contacts containing QR code or Order Confirmation document. This is applicable to both 360dialog and Vonage WhatsApp API channels.
Pro tip: Include appropriate sample values when submitting message template, this will help the reviewers to better understand what message are you sending to your contacts!
[IMPROVED] Allowing dynamic variables for URL Call-to-Action
We reviewed some use cases and thought that it would be useful to the users if they can include dynamic variables for Call-to-Action of type URL. For example, if you would like to send a URL to your contact to check their profile, you can use a dynamic variable containing their customer ID instead of having to search and manually type the value.
[IMPROVED] Message Preview when sending Broadcast
We got a lot of feedback on this and we know it was painful for some of our customers out there. We made sure we put the preview back and even gave it an upgrade. We hope this solves your concern of not being able to review your message content.
[IMPROVED] Mobile Notification Preference
Our users gave us some feedback and shared with us how they expect the mobile notifications to work for them. We took in their suggestions and thought about them. So we decided to send mobile notifications regardless of the user's status. If you wish to receive it only when you are offline, you may state your preference in Notification Preference settings.
[IMPROVED] Remove Email Notification for Dialogflow
We have removed the email notification when
is triggered by a Dialogflow Intent. The emails were sent to everyone in the space and may not be relevant to every user, so we decided to remove the email. Users will still receive notifications on the platform, mobile push and web push.
and many bug fixes.....
  • Showing dynamic variables in Away Message settings
  • Facebook card doesn't show as Carousel on Messenger
  • unknown contact
    error when sending message to 360dialog contacts created via Contact API
  • Handling inline images for Apple Mail Client