A versioning system that would allow Workflows to be edited without being stopped so that Contacts that are currently enrolled in it won't be ejected from it.
This helps:
  • Users to stop duplicating workflows to edit them
  • Contacts to not be lost when editing, because the old version of the workflow will continue to run prior to the new version being published
  • Make it much easier to edit Workflows with Incoming Webhook Trigger. Currently when you duplicate a Workflow, the duplicated Workflow will have a new address for the Webhook
Here is an alternative on how to make changes to your workflow without stopping the workflow:
  1. Clone your workflow.
  2. Make changes in the Clone Workflow.
  3. Publish the Cloned Workflow and Stop the Original Workflow.
Note: Any contact that is halfway through the original workflow will be ejected from the workflow upon stopping the Workflow.