The "Contact" is one of the most important entities of a CRM and It is a key for businesses to manage their customer relationship. However, contact management plays a part in a CRM where information and conversations related to a contact is stored and retrieved when necessary.
This feature, Contact Merge will contribute to the contact management where we will consolidate all information and conversations relating to a contact to enable the following use cases :-
As a user, I want to be able to merge a new conversation to an existing contact so that I can have a holistic view of a contact
User wants to see the full picture (all conversations) between that contact and the company, often contacts send same request on many channels and several agents end up working on the same request.
As a user, I want to move the conversation from one channel to another (e.g. from webchat to gmail)
User wants to move the conversation from one closed channel to an open one (e.g Whatsapp after 24 hours to Telegram), similarly a user would want to move the conversation from a paid channel to a free one (e.g. SMS to EMAIL).
As a user, I want to start the conversation with a new contact via available channels
User wants to be able to initiate conversations with new contacts via the connected channels within the space. If the messaging channel is invalid or gives an error, the user can still send the messages via another available channel.