WhatsApp Business API has introduced Commerce Messages in the form of interactive messages where users can share product catalogs with the customer when chatting.
There are two types of messages:
  • Multi-Product Messages: Messages containing a selection of up to 30 items from a business’ inventory.
  • Single Product Messages: Messages with a single product item from the business’ inventory and it is displayed in a Product Detail Page (PDP) format.
These commerce messages provide a simple way for the user to showcase their product and customers can shop products without leaving the chat.
Customer experience:
  • Customers can select products from the catalog, add them to a shopping cart, and once the customers are done with the shopping, customers can send their cart over to the users in the conversation.
User (Agent) experience:
  • Users can define the next steps, such as requesting delivery info or directing customers to the payment page to make payment.
  • The users can also send WhatsApp Catalog products to the customers.
It will be helpful if the platform adds support for this feature so that we can send these messages through the platform.