We will be releasing email in 3 phases:
Phase 1:
Adding a one-click Gmail Workspace integration (only for Gsuite accounts).
BETA Released
Phase 2:
Adding a one-click Outlook integration (both personal and business accounts will work).
Phase 3:
Adding IMAP/SMTP for Email to work with any third-party.
--- Challenges ---
> Structure of Emails & format <
Emails are rather different from text messages. We aim to provide a unified experience for all channels, so we will have to make the experience of sending/receiving emails a lot simpler.
> Execution of survey & automation <
Most of the automated features provided by the respond.io platform are specifically designed for text messages. Many of these features wouldn't work well with Email out of the box.
> Rate Limit for sending and receiving email <
Different email clients have limits on the amount of outgoing email per day. If the limit is reached, users will not be able to answer emails on that channel until the next day.